What is a surface reconstruction?

What is a surface reconstruction?

In another video I described the difference between a NURBs model and a polygon model. The NURBs model is made up of curves; the polygon model is made up of triangles. Click here if you would like to read that post.

Whenever you want to translate a polygon model into a NURBs model you will need a surface reconstruction.

This is done with reverse Engineering software. The most commonly used are:

  1. Geomagic Design X
  2. Ansys Space Claim
  3. Catia

The process is always the same. You import the underlying polygonmodel, by overlaying you reconstruct the nurbs model on top of it.

There are four different kinds of surface reconstruction, which I will explain in the upcoming videos:

  • analytical surface reconstruction
  • automatic surface reconstraction
  • constructional surface reconstruction
  • analytical surface reconstruction