ZBrushCore Review

ZBrushCore Review

I had the chance to test ZBrushCore and compare it to the standard ZBrush Version.

ZBrushCore is a lite-version of ZBrush, the well-known sculpting software and comes from „Pixologic“.
It costs 149,95 $ (135,00 €) and is available for Win and MAC as single seat licenses and volume licenses.
The Target Group for ZBrushCore are Hobbyists, 3D-Illustrators, Concept artist and Jewelery Designers and it is specially designed for 3D-Printing.


The new user interface of ZbrushCore

ZBrushCore is built upon the Version 4R8, which is not released yet. So there where several things I noticed when I first started ZBrushCore.

First of all: MULTILANGUAGE-SUPPORT! With the first start my interface was german. Many People will find that helpful, but I changed it to English. The second thing that comes from the updated core is the new Gizmo. Yeah, that’s right, ZBrush has now a real gizmo (Beside the old fashioned actionline)! And the new gizmo system is awesome! Thanks pixologic!


The new Gizmo to navigate in 3D space

For sculpting, designing and concepting all important tools are available. But as a professional I missed some things:
First of all I missed several brushes. All the Clip and Trim brushes were removed, so clipping is only possible with the actionline.  You can’t creat custom brushes in ZbrushCore.
All UV-Mapping, Texturing and retopology Features are not available. For a professional and technical workflow these features are really important.

The whole comparison between ZBrush and ZBrushCore can be found here: http://zbrushcore.com/features

My conclusion:
ZBrushCore is a perfect tool to step into the world of digital sculpting. For concepting and scribbling I will use ZBrushCore in future. Only if I need the advanced features, I will return to ZBrush.