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Training and Consulting for “Zbrush” Software

Zbrush is the industry standard for 3D modeling. It is an indispensable tool when working with polygon meshes and texturing 3D models. Holocreators has been involved in data preparation of 3D scans for six years—we work with Zbrush often. Our Zbrush basic course is aimed at 3D artists, but it’s also for CAD designers who want to learn polygon 3D modeling. In our Zbrush Basic Course, you will learn the following techniques:
  • Navigating Zbrush
  • Importing and exporting data records
  • Using modeling tools (brushes)
  • Remeshing
  • Creating UV maps and textures

Training and Consulting on reverse engineering

Using reverse engineering, it is possible to 3D-scan an object and convert the 3D model into
a CAD model. Our training program is aimed at engineers and drafters who want to expand
their competence in classical CAD design by earning a reverse-engineering qualification.

Together we work through a reverse engineering sample project step by step. Beginning
with the original part, then moving to the 3D scan, and finishing up with the production of
the new part. After attending the course, you will be able to assess how reverse engineering
can be applied in your company and decide which 3D scanner, software, and manufacturing
processes are best suited for your use case.

We have divided the course into several sub-sections:

Application Areas
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Quality assurance
  • CAD Design
Detailed Reverse Engineering
  • Reverse engineering to surface model
  • Reverse engineering to solid model
  • Reverse engineering to parametric model with history tree
Pricing Structure— an overview and comparison
  • 3D scanner (accuracy and mobility)
  • 3D scanner (accuracy and mobility)
  • Service provider (risk and duration)
Practical Implementation—a Case Study
  • Analysis of the original part
  • 3D scanning methods (fringe projection, laser triangulation, CT)
  • Reverse engineering (reverse engineering to surfaces, solid model, parametric model)
  • Refining (assembly modeling)
  • Manufacturing processes (3D printing, CNC milling, Injection molding)
  • Deviation analysis (nominal actual comparison)
  • 3D scanner
  • Software
  • Procurement
  • Operation (staff training)
  • Capacity utilization (target group)
  • Comparison: (in-house or outsourced)
    • Production lead-time
    • Flexibility
    • Data security (NDA)
Joint Evaluation
  • Profitability
  • External service providers
  • Technology Trends

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