3D CT Scanner

The3D CT scanner (3D-Computed Tomography) creates the most accurate 3D scans. To 3D-scan an object, it is placed inside the 3D CT scanner on a rotary table. X-rays pass through the object and then hit a detector, where a 2D section image is created. Then the turn table rotates, and another X-ray image is generated. The final 3D scan is calculated from many hundreds of cross-sectional X-ray images.

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The History of the 3D CT Scanner

“3D CT Scanner” is the abbreviation for Computed Tomography 3D Scanner, a system that uses X-rays to determine the exact size of objects in three-dimensional space.

The roots of this technology date back to the late 19th century. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered X-rays in 1895. Shortly afterward, X-rays were used in medical application sto X-ray an arm and locate a bone fracture, for example. The CT scanner itself, based on this medical application of X-rays, was invented by Godfrey Houndsfield in 1972.

CT scanners were converted for industrial purposes in the 2000s. Scientists discovered that CT scanners could not only capture 3D models of people but that the technology could also be used to X-ray mechanical parts. This was the birth of industrial computed tomography.
Swann Rack holding a plastic part for 3D CT-scanning between his fingers
Plastic object that has been x-rayed inside the 3D CT scanner

How Does Industrial Computed Tomography Work?

3D CT scan of a plastic part
CT 3D scan of a plastic part—even the smallest scratches are visible
The object is placed on a turntable in the middle of the CT scanner. The X-ray tube emits X-rays that penetrate the object. A detector with a resolution of 2000px X 2000px receives the rays and creates a 2D X-ray section image.

Then the turntable is rotated minimally, and the scanner generates another X-ray image. A total of up to 1,300 images are taken of the object.

These 2D sectional images are then combined by the computer to form a 3D model. This process is called: “Creation of a volume graphic”.

Download Example CT 3D scan

CT 3D scan of a shoe — the individual x-ray images are visible in the animation
We have provided a CT 3D scan for you to download. The 3D-scan data is available in STL format. You can view it, for example, with the free 3D Viewer Meshlab:

What else you need to know about
the 3D CT Scannner

The price of the 3D CT Scanner

The 3D CT Scanner is the most accurate and expensive 3D scanner. There are industrial CT scanners for a wide range of object sizes, but they are mostly used to 3D-scan very small objects.

Due to the increased number of 3D CT Scanners, the prices for 3D CT scanning have decreased, and a CT scan is often a viable option nowadays. Its high accuracy also simplifies reverse engineering.
Tomoscope l 3D CT scanner made by Werth
Industrial 3D CT scanner made by Werth (”Tomo Scope L”)

Do you need a 3D CT Scan of your part?

Holocreators offers professional 3D-scanning and reverse engineering services.We offer you a 3D scan service with every existing 3D-scanning technique. If you require a3D CT scan, then please contact us.

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