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Holocreators offers you four different 3D scanning techniques to choose from. The object size and desired accuracy determine the optimal technique:



A striped pattern is projected onto the object. Stereo cameras determine the surface geometry from the reflection.

GOM atos triple scan 3D scanner



The object is X-rayed. A 3D model is generated from the X-ray sectional images.

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3D CT scanner Werth tomoscope



A laser beam is directed at an object. A measuring point on the object can be determined from the reflection.

3D CT scanner Werth tomoscope



The object is photographed from many angles. Trigonometry is used to create a 3D model.

We would be happy to advise you on which 3D-scanning technique is best suited for your project.

Your Easy Way to a 3D Scan


You send us your part, or we come to your location

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We 3D-scan
the part for you


We optimize the 3D scan data (e.g., reverse engineering) and send the part back to you

What is 3D scanning?

With 3D scanning, we can transform a physical object into a digital 3D model. Depending on the 3D scanning technique, all external surfaces, colors or internal structures can be captured. The 3D data is used for metrology applications, for reverse engineering or artistic projects.

What is 3D-scanning?

In which File Format will the 3D Scan be Provided?

Real part (compressor wheel) on the left, and 3D scan on the right
Before After Compressor wheel real part with orange lightingCompressor wheel 3D scan wireframe view
Marcel Köhler / Holocreators
Swann Rack / Holocreators
The 3D scan data is provided in STL format by default. This is a polygon mesh that contains all the information about the shape and dimensions of the part. If color information is also required, we export the 3D scan as an OBJ+JPEG format. We have provided a 3D scan as an example for you to download. It is the 3D scan of a compressor wheel from a turbocharger. The 3D scan data is available in STL format. You can view it, for example, with the free 3D viewer Meshlab:

How much
is a 3D Scan?

In 3D scanning, the rule of thumb is: “The more accurate the 3D scan, the more expensive.” Holocreators offers 3D scanning for simple objects starting at 95 EUR.
Stylized icon of a small bolt
Simple Objects
from 95
Stylized icon of a small bolt
Medium Objects
€ €
Stylized icon of a car's engine block
Complex Objects
€ € €

The Part Size and Accuracy Determine Which 3D-scanning Technique Is Best



Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning new

Structured Light 3d Scanning

Structured Light 3d Scanning new (1)

3D ct Scanning

Object size
30 cm
200 cm
100 m
Even larger

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