Structured-light 3D Scanner

The structured-light 3D scanner projects a striped pattern onto the object that needs to be scanned. The surface shape of the object distorts the stripe pattern. The pattern is then recorded by cameras on the 3D scanner, and the distortion allows software to calculate the 3D model.
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How Does a Structured-light 3D
Scanner Work?

The structured-light 3D scanner consists of a video projector and several cameras. The 3D scanner can be mounted on a robotic arm, which automatically moves around the object and 3D-scans it from all angles. The video projector projects a striped pattern onto the object.

Because of the distortion of this pattern, and the change in size, which varies depending on the distance, software can reconstruct a 3D model.
GOM Atos 3D scanner by a robotic arm with blue structured-light projector
Structured-light 3D scanner by GOM ("Atos Triple Scan")
Swann Rack explains structured-light 3D scanner with a fringe pattern on a water bottle
Swann Rack explains the strip light scanning
To improve the accuracy of the 3D measurements, different patterns are projected onto the object from different angles. This allows the cameras to capture each point of the object with different patterns. This repeated 3D-scanning increases the accuracy of the measurement.

With very professional structured-light 3D scanners, it is possible to change the camera optics and thus change the field of view. The field of view can be adapted to the size of the object and enables even higher-resolution 3D scans.

Download Example Structured-light 3D scan

Before After Compressor wheel real part with orange lightingCompressor wheel 3D scan wireframe view
Marcel Köhler / Holocreators
Swann Rack / Holocreators

We have provided a structured-light 3D scan for you to download. The 3D-scan data is available in STL format. You can view it, for example, with the free 3D Viewer Meshlab:

What else you need to know about
the Structured-light 3D Snan

Structured-light 3D-scanning has several advantages over other 3D-scanning methods. It is optimally suited for small to medium-sized parts. The price-performance ratio is great. No other 3D-scanning method is as economical while providing the same degree of accuracy.

Blue structured-light from a 3D scanner projected on a metal part
Blue stripe pattern projected onto a piece sheet metal
GOM software for controlling Atos 3D scanner on robotic arm
Software to control the structured-light 3D scanner

Do you need a structured-light 3D scan
of an object?

Holocreators offers professional 3D-scanning and reverse engineering services. We offer many different 3D-scanning techniques—structured-light 3D-scanning being only one of them.

We would love to help you with your project.

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