(3D-Scans from Photos)

The term photogrammetry means “measuring from photos”.

A 3D model with color can be created from several overlapping photos of an object. The photos can be taken by hand or in a special photo booth where the object is photographed from all sides by about 70 cameras. These photos are then converted into a 3D-scan using software.
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How Does a Photogrammetry
3D Scanner

The person wanting to be 3D-scanned stands in the middle of the photogrammetric 3D-scanning (3D photo) booth. The circularly arranged cameras focus on the person in the center of the booth.
Swann Rack standing inside the botspot opta 1 3D scanner
Swann Rack is standing in a Photogrammetric 3D Scanner by Botspot
Pictures of Swann Rack for photogrammetry inside a botspot opta 1 3D scanner
Selection of photos taken inside the 3D photo booth.

Each camera takes a picture of the person from different angles. The trick is that more than one camera takes a picture of the same point on the person from different angles. This redundancy is important. Using trigonometry, the computer can triangulate each point.

Approximately 70 photos are taken of a person inside the 3D photo booth. The pictures must overlap for the three-dimensional reconstruction to work. With the help of trigonometry, the computer calculates a 3D model. First, the 3D model is black and white, but in a second step, the software projects the texture (color information) onto it. Such a 3D model can be color 3D-printed as a 3D figure or converted into 3D animation.
Cleaned up photogrammetry 3D scan of Swann Rack holding a cell phone
3D model of Swann Rack without texture (color) created with photogrammetry.

Limitations of Photogrammetry

Cleaned up photogrammetry 3D scan of Swann Rack holding a cell phone
3D model of Swann Rack created with photogrammetry after 3D scan cleanup
Photogrammetry has some limitations. A 3D model created with photogrammetry cannot be 3D printed immediately. It must first be retouched (3D-scan cleanup) with special software to remove imperfections.

Also, photogrammetric 3D models are inherently without scale. A measuring stick must be placed in each 3D scan to adjust its scaling later.

Download Example of
Photogrammetry 3D scan

Outside view of the photogrammetry 3D body scanner opta 1
Photogrammetry 3D Scanner “Opta 1” made by Botspot

We have provided a photogrammetry 3D scan for you to download. The 3D-scan data is available in OBJ+JPEG format. You can view it, for example, with the free 3D Viewer Meshlab

What else you need to know about

Photogrammetry is not as accurate as other 3D scanning methods. But it is very inexpensive and creates a 3D scan with color. Theoretically, there is no limit to the size of the object that can be 3D-scanned. Objects ranging in size from a mouse to a planet can be 3D-scanned using photogrammetry. A 3D-scanning booth can usually accommodate objects as large as 2m³ meters.

Do you need a photogrammetric 3D scan
of an object or a person?

Holocreators offers professional 3D-scanning and reverse engineering services. We also offer 3D-scanning using photogrammetry. Whether you want to create a 3D figure or aerial3D models using drones, we would love to help you with your project.

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