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We perform a deviation analysis in metrology to compare two 3D models with each other and to document the differences with a false color comparison. The analysis is mainly used in quality assurance to document reverse engineering deviations from the original 3D scan. If we compare the CAD data (nominal state) of a part with the 3D scan (actual state) of the same part, this is called a “nominal actual comparison”.
At an event at the Sustainable Design Center in Berlin, Swann Rack of Holocreators gave a short talk in November 2017. It was about the different 3D scanning techniques and how to use them in combination with 3D printing for reverse engineering.
A 3D scanner generates a point cloud. Each point in the point cloud is a measurement point that the 3D scanner has detected on the object’s surface. Each point has an XYZ value that determines its position in the coordinate system. In addition to the XYZ coordinates, certain point clouds can also store the color and light intensity of the measurement point. A direction vector can also be assigned to each point—this indicates the direction in which the point is oriented.
In e-commerce, product returns and conversion rates are crucial. 3D models better communicate the product to the customer, making the shopping experience more exciting and the online shop more efficient. For a 3D online shop, 3D models of all products are needed. These can either be 3D modeled from scratch or created more cost-effectively and truer-to-life with 3D scanning.
We combine the advantages of photogrammetry and 3D CT scanning (computed tomography) to create a highly accurate color 3D scan. Photogrammetry provides the best possible color information, while computed tomography allows us to 3D-scan the object with unparalleled accuracy. Subsequently, the 3D scan data from both techniques are merged.
Wire EDM is a process for cutting metal. It is used to cut metal 3D prints from their base plate. When 3D printing on metal, the printed part becomes one with the base plate on which it is printed. To separate the two without damaging the part, a precise cutting process is needed. This is where wire EDM shines.
SLM is a 3D printing process in which metal powder is fused by laser, creating a new object layer by layer. SLM stands for (Selective Laser Melting), which means that the laser selectively melts the metal powder only where the solid material is needed. In the end, the finished object can be removed from the powder bed.

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