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The Artec Space Spider is a handheld 3D scanner. The cameras on the front look like spider eyes— hence the name "Spider". The 3D scanner is very light and works with blue-structured light. It was developed primarily for 3D scanning smaller objects of between 5 and 30 cm. The manufacturer states the accuracy of the 3D scanner to be within 0.1mm-0.05 mm. Currently, the Artec Space Spider lists for about 20,000 Euro (23,626 USD).
At Vitronic in Wiesbaden, we tested the 3D body scanner "Vitronic Vitus". This body scanner was developed primarily for the clothing industry to capture people’s body measurements quickly. Besides body measurements, this 3D scanner also captures color information, and thus, established itself for creating 3D figures.
There is a niche field of forensics that deals specifically with crimes committed with firearms. Forensic ballistics, as this field is known, uses forensic techniques to analyze crimes perpetrated using firearms. The 3D scanner Alicona InfiniteFocus can be used for forensic ballistics. We made our way to Braunschweig to the company “a3Ds” to show how this can be done. By comparing 3Dscanned fired cartridges, we can match them to the rifles that fired them.

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